Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vegas Proposal | Flash Fiction

This is the result of having too much downtime on a long bus trip. Enjoy

"If I hit blackjack on this hand, I'll propose to her right here, right now," the man sitting next to me says to the dealer.

We've been sitting at this table for nearly an hour and neither of us has hit blackjack yet. So, of course, I meet his bet.

"If I hit blackjack, I'll say yes to his proposal."

What do I have to lose? He's handsome, looks amazing in that black suit, and seems to have some sort of wealth to him considering he's been bidding way above the minimum. Who sits at a ten dollar table and makes one hundred dollar bets? Besides, it's not like either of us will hit blackjack on this hand.

The dealer gives us both a smirk as he deals out the cards. My first card is a face card, king of spades. His card, ace of hearts. The dealer has a two of spades. To build up suspense, the dealer deals our next cards facedown.

"So who wants to flip theirs first?" he says with a grin. The handsome man with the fat wallet lifts the corner of his card to take a peek.

Sweat builds on my brow as he takes his time turning the card over. He glances over at me and winks. Is he seriously considering proposing to a woman he just met?