Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sasame Kai | Immunity Hunter

Name: Sasame Kai
Age: 17
Occupation: Immunity Hunter
Weapon: Shortsword
Magic: Pyro Dancer

Our city has been at war with the beasts known as the Konadai since, well, forever. It became personal the day my parents died. I was thirteen when they left for a routine operation and never returned. Nothing is ever routine in this city. I sat up for hours waiting for them to come back, but all that came was a knock on the door from one of the squad leaders. It would've been better had she brought some ice cream with her before dropping the "your parents are never coming home" bomb.

Now, I'm a trained immunity hunter fueled by grief. The job isn't all that great, it takes its toll on me, but at least it keeps my head clear—well, sort of. I can deal with that. It's the pain and abandonment I can't get over.

Illustration by: Autumn-Sacura on DeviantArt

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