Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beta Readers Needed

I finished Immunity at 77,000 words and now I'm searching for beta readers. I never thought trying to find someone interested in reading would be this hard (ha). I followed some other blogs with detailed information about the location of the mystic beta reader such as BELINDA POLLARD. I did find a few who were willing to read while I was still writing on Goodreads, but now I need the rest of the novel read and reviewed. 

What am I offering in return? A free copy of the finished novel and your name listed in the acknowledgments section (if you want your name listed).

So, who wants to be my first victim?

Contact me at elisastryker@gmail.com

Trying To Figure Out This Blog Thing

I don't blog for a few reasons, one being that I tend to whine...a lot. Even the first sentence is whining. Anyway, I'm trying to start a blog and hopefully, this will go well.

I am a new writer attempting to have my first novel published. I have been tweaking this novel for years. The title is Immunity which will be the first book in a series. There might be two books, or three. We shall see how the story unfolds.

Stay tuned, things are getting exciting.