Friday, March 31, 2017

No, I Will Not Tell You What My Novel Is About

It happens, you find yourself talking about your new shiny WIP and someone asks "what is it about?" What do you do? You tell them, right? Of course, you do, you're excited about it and want people to know you're writing some unique.'s not unique. It's the same overdone crap that rots on the shelves of every bookstore known to man. You didn't write anything different. At least, that's what people tell you after you waste your breath telling them what you're writing.

They say, "It won't ever sell, so work on something else." They mean well. They're trying to help you. Does it help?

So let's get to how I feel about this. No, I will not tell you about my story. My story is the same crap. It's over done. Agents will reject it because they can't sell it. Publishers are tired of it. Readers don't want it. I should write something else. Forget that I've spent the last 8 years writing, drafting, adding or removing characters, fleshing out their personalities, building the world for them to live in, giving them a reason to protect their friends. Forget all that and write something else.

I mean, it's easy, right? To hear people tell you that your story won't sell before they even look at the first sentence. To hear people say stop working on that crap and write something that will sell. Why not? You're only doing it to see your name on a book as big as James Patterson's ego.

So what do you do?

Me? I'll finish my WIP, edit it to perfection, and find out for myself is it'll sell. Even 1 copy sold is a sell last time I checked.

So no, I won't tell you what my novel is about, but you can read about it when it's published.

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