Thursday, September 21, 2017

Author Mentor Match Bio #AMM

It's that time again!

Hello, fellow mentees and future mentor of my dreams! My name is Elisa and you can find me on Twitter @elisa_stryker

This will be my second time trying to earn a mentor with Author Mentor Match. I tried Pitch Wars as well...but it's obvious how that turned out. Third (fourth, fifth, hundredth...) times the charm, right? RIGHT?!

Let's start with the book. So it's called IMMUNITY HUNTER. It is YA Fantasy. If you like zombies, magic, werewolves, evil organizations, and secrets, then you'll love my book. Let me stress: This is very anime-ish. So if you do not like anime or do not understand anime then it's probably not the book for you.

A few things you may not know about my manuscript:

  • It's written like an anime including cheesy poses and over exaggerated expressions (no nose bleeds, though)
  • The zombies have tentacle tongues, long claws extending about five inches, and sharp teeth that extend out like a shark
  • It's set in the distant future after a nuclear war and massive earthquake tore Japan into multiple islands. 
  • Magic exists
  • My fiance helped with most of the "blow em up" scenes


Two years after disgusting undead mutants known as Konadai killed Sasame’s parents, she joined an agency that turned her grief into revenge. Now an Immunity Hunter, seventeen-year-old Sasame kidnaps those who are immune to the Konadai virus. The downside: her victims are harvested for their blood and bones by the agency in order to create a stronger antidote.

Although the work causes gut-churning nightmares, Sasame trusts her boss, Omi, and his belief that this is the only way to save her island city.

Then she meets Konan, a persistent teen working with a group fighting to figure out why people are vanishing. His passion and dedication to the city reel her in, but she refuses to fall for him. Connections lead to distractions and heartache. Eventually, Konan’s constant interference with her missions breaks her guard and Sasame uses his attention to distract from the madness.

Immunity Hunters are well-oiled machines, and Omi won’t tolerate a petty romance distracting his agents. After forcing her to watch the murder of another agent's girlfriend, Omi presents Sasame with a choice: kill Konan to prove her loyalty to the cause, or be killed herself.

Say hello to Konan Henslee, Sasame Kai, Jeiku Okamimuto, Nevin Rockiest, and Ashley Sonnie.
The Investigator, The Hunter, The Protector, The Hero, and The Princess


In a city protected by a large wall, five teens hone their magic and fighting skills to take on their worst enemy. Little do they know the undead, flesh-hungry mutants aren't the only things threatening their lives. When deadly betrayal shatters their friendship, each teen is forced to decide who to trust and who to leave behind.

Yes, this is a multi-POV novel. If the plot doesn't hook you, the characters will.

Now About me...
  • I work all the time but I work for myself so it's not bad
  • I'm always around my laptop and/or smartphone
  • I prefer electronics over paper and pen
  • I do not like cats at all...not even a little bit. They are the spawn of the devil sent to destroy my home
  • Social media has ruined my life

Favorite Video Games
  • Skyrim
  • Left 4 Dead (1 & 2 and all the DLCs)
  • Dragon Age
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • FFX & FFX-2 (you may recognize one of the character names in my manuscript)
  • The Last of Us

Favorite Movies

  • Saw (all of them)
  • Paranormal Activity (all of them)
  • The Conjuring (both of them)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (the 1st one)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (most of them)
If anyone wants more information, go to Author Mentor Match.

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