Saturday, September 9, 2017

Alexa's Tears

Alexa dug her nails into the dirt as she crawled away from the screams of her people dying around her. With one leg bloodied and broken, running wasn't an option. Twigs and small rocks ripped her thin nightgown leaving shallow cuts across her stomach. She ignored the pain. Her mind was focused on escaping—surviving.

The sun had set hours ago leaving the village Haringard hidden in the valley. But when the Black Ravens, an army controlled by Queen Evelyn of the Hightower Commonwealth, came for them, being hidden wasn't enough.

Using her good leg and every ounce of her strength, Alexa pulled herself into the surrounding woods. Shadows danced on the trees from the flames that devoured the small cottages. Her dark hair stuck to her face wet with blood and sweat. Most of it wasn't her blood. She was forced to watch her sister get slaughtered like an animal. Part of her was glad the dark army chose murder over enslavement. The women would be used for breeding while the men would be used as food.

Alexa made it to a clearing before stopped to catch her breath. She choked back a scream. Sounds of death and battle echoed through the trees. Alexa cried silently, staring up towards the heavens. Bright stars shined down on her. She cursed them for not protecting her family the rest of Haringard. Her leg ached. Blood seeped into the dirt beneath her.

The sound of footsteps on snapping twigs approached. Alexa's heart went rapid. She couldn't move. Her body froze. A whispered prayer escaped her scarlet lips as she shut her eyes tight awaiting her death.

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