Monday, May 22, 2017

Unnamed, Unedited Retelling

Sometimes, when my mind wonders, I come up with random thoughts about alternate lifestyles. This is one of those thoughts. It may end up as a novel, or it may just stay a random blog post. Only time will tell.
Every day I used to dream of what it'd be like to live in one of those fancy houses we passed everyday ok the way to school. Now that I'm grown, that dream faded like the others. I was happy with my tiny apartment in the west part of town. The neighbors kept to themselves, and only a few people were robbed. It wasn't so bad.

Most days were the same. I'd wake up, grab a bowl of cereal, then head off to my boring retail job at Bigglymart. They sold everything from clothes to electronics to groceries. It was really a one-stop shop. I didn't care much for it but it paid the rent.

I daydreamed a lot while I waited for a customer to wander into my lane. Sometimes about traveling out of the country. Other times about what I'd cook for dinner. Who was I kidding, I hardly cooked anything. The stacks of pizza boxes outside my door proves that. Still, for a nineteen-year-old, I sure spent a lot of time with my head in the clouds.

"Good morning, Ms. Miller." Ms. Mary, the customer service manager, walked over to my register and snapped me out of one of my daydreams. Her sweet smile warmed everyone in the mornings even on the cold days like that day.

"Good morning," I replied back, returning the warm smile. Ms. Mary carried on about her business while I went back in my daydream.

A customer appeared in my line, a tall white man with brown eyes and shaggy dark hair. He was dressed in a black tee with a leather jacket and tattoos down both arms. This guy had trouble written all over his brooding face. It was hardly 9 AM, why was he so angry looking?

"Good morning, sir," I said in the best cherry voice I could muster up.

He glared at me and dropped a box of Life cereal on the belt.

"Hey," he said in a deep voice. He's defiantly from Arkansas.

"Rough morning?" I asked, and immediately regretted. He glared at me again, but this time a slight smile crossed his lips.

"For starters, I found out I was out of cereal after I woke up craving some," he said. His smile quickly faded.

"That sucks. Life is my favorite brand, too."

He let out a small chuckle as he pulled out his wallet. "Is that so?"

"Yeah, very much so," I replied. "That'll be $3.09."

He handed me four wrinkled $1 bills and said, "Keep it, I hate change."

He grabbed his single bag and headed straight for the door.

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