Wednesday, December 6, 2017

NaNoWriMo - Chapter 5

Hiromi Kato

I dig my nails into my palms as a panicked voice calls over the intercom system.

“All personnel are to remain inside the building until further notice. This is not a drill. Please remain indoors.”

Two nurses—a male and female dressed in light blue scrubs—whisper to one another on the elevator as we descend to the lower levels of the hospital. Most of what they’re saying to one another is blocked out by the loud beeping at every floor, but from what I gather, they’re talking about the protest in the front parking lot.

“They’re throwing rocks now,” says the male. He cups his hand around his mouth as if that’ll keep me from hearing him in this small box.

“Don’t worry, the Eradication Squad will handle them,” the woman responds.

At least they decided to throw rocks instead of using their mahou. An angry group of Pyro Dancers could burn this place down in minutes. Rocks and furious chants won’t harm us. Luckily, Anette’s office is on the sixth floor and doesn’t have a window.

The elevator doors pull open and I step out into a bright corridor lit up by the sun shining through skylights. At least the cafeteria is business as usual. The soup lady smiles as I walk through her line. She’s wearing way too much red lipstick, as usual, but her spirit brightens my day.

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