Sunday, February 5, 2017

Looking At Old Work...

I decided to dig up some of the bios I created for my characters when I started writing Immunity. Looking back on some of this brings up a lot of memories...and a lot of questions. I can't help but think "Why did I write that?"

According to my old work, I created a fully living world with in-depth information about the magic used, the population of the city, and the age and stats of the main and secondary characters. This is a lot of stuff that I forgot.

The writing is pretty bad, though. I believe I've come pretty far with my writing to where I can't believe I wrote like that a few years ago. Now if only I could remember where all these made up names for the magic came from.

I'm thinking I should clean some of this up and post about it on this blog. Some of you might be interested in it.

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