Sunday, November 5, 2017

NaNoWriMo - Chapter 1

Hiromi Kato

Over seventy-five people died this year, and it’s only June. Last summer, we lost sixty people. The year before that, forty-five.

“If it can be created, it can be destroyed,” I mutter, staring at the large digital screen above my crowded desk. I’m sure the gods said the same thing about us.

The analyzer beeps, flashing little sparks of light over the small screen. A cutesy melody plays to get our attention. Some of the other researchers think it’s a nice way to brighten the outcome. I think it’s playing the tune of our defeat. A list of results prints out of the front of the machine riddled with red marks. Anette glides over to the long, glass-top metal table using her desk chair. One of the plastic wheels clicks as it rotates. A low sigh exits her mouth. She looks over her shoulder at me and shakes her head.

Another failed test.

“Do we have anymore Konadai samples?” Anette pushes away from the analyzer toward the small, sterilized refrigerator. She leans down and swings open the door. A poof of cold fog swirls out, dissipating into the air.

“No, that was the last batch we had.” I jot down a few notes. “We should have some of the first and second stage samples left over.”

Anette closes the refrigerator door, tapping her fingers on the side. She removes the blue latex gloves from her hands and scratches at the hairnet covering her short, tight-coiled dark hair.

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